Griswold Controls


Control for a Green Environment™

As the leader in HVAC technology for flow control, Griswold Controls focuses on the needs of the industry, offering flow control solutions that are innovative, versatile, and engineered to fit various applications.

Offering flow control valves and piping components for HVAC systems for pipe sizes 1/2″ – 20″ and flow rates from 0.25 to  2500 gpm.

We have only featured a few of the many solutions from Griswold Controls here. Please visit their web site for a complete product selection.

Piping Components /Acc.

  • Isolation Ball Valves
  • Unions
  • Y-Strainers
  •  Flanges & Adaptor Flanges
  • Tees

Quickset Manual Balancing Valves & Metering Stations

  • 1/2” – 2” in SWT & FNPT Fixed End and FNPT, SWT MNPT Union Connections
  • Brass Venturi Insert and Graduated Memory Stop
  • 2-1/2” – 18” Metering Station
  • Quadrant Peizo Ring
  • No Straight Run Requirement