Griswold Water Systems


Wave™ – Chemical Free Water Treatment

The patented Wave™ Electronic Water Treatment system is advancing the science of sustainable water treatment. Designed to eliminate the use of harsh chemicals, the Wave™ helps customers save money and preserve capital equipment. While outperforming competitors’ models, the Wave™ is quickly becoming the “green” standard for smart businesses. The future of Physical Water Treatment is here.

The Wave reduces the total cost of system operation by saving energy (through elimination of scale and biofilm), reducing water/sewer usage (by achieving higher cycles of concentration), and avoiding the annual cost of chemicals.

Leed applications can benefit with the implementation of the Wave by providing credit for innovation and design and contributes to water usage efficiency.

Wave­ – Standard Features

  • Prevents mineral scale
  • Controls bacteria, biofilm and pathogens
  • Includes InstAlert remote monitoring
  • 4X Stronger signal permits side stream application
  • NEMA 4 reaction chamber and controller

Optional Equipment/ServicesIntegraclean

  • CleanSweep Basin Sweeping
  • IntegraClean Solids Management
  • GWS’s Service Partner System Assistance
  • Monitoring Services.
  • Start-Up and Lay-Up Services.