Quality HVAC Equipment

Petra engineering industries design and manufacture high quality HVAC equipment in accordance with globally recognized standards. Petra’s HVAC equipment offer comprehensive solution with the highest level of comfort and luxury for its customers in all its markets.

Specializing in custom options and designs for package air handlers, RTU’s and Multi-Zone RTU’s as well as large tonnage air cooled chillers.

Air Cooled Chillers

  • High Efficiency 100 to 500 Ton
  • 410a Scroll, 134a Screw
  • Screw available in CS or VS
  • Ultra-Low Sound Option
  • UL/ETL and ARI Certification

Roof Top Units

  • 15 to 160 Ton Capacity
  • Direct Replacement Dual Deck; Triple Deck Multizone as well as other Obsolete Units
  • Custom Modifications
  • 100% O/A w/ Energy Recovery Options including Heat Pipe, Fixed plate and Enthalpy Wheel
  • Air Cooled, Water Cooled; Evap Condensing Coming Soon