Basic Principles of Operation

ClimateMaster Water Source Heat Pumps Basic Principles of Operation

Water to air Heat Pump – Heat is rejected to the water from the air being conditioned (cooled) on the cooling cycle. While the heat is absorbed from the water by the air being conditioned (heated) on the heating cycle. Dehumidification is also achieved on the cooling cycle by removal of moisture from the air in the form of condensate. The medium of heat transfer is refrigerant.

Basic components used in the refrigerant systems are the hermetic compressor, co-axial refrigerant-to-water exchanger, a finned coil refrigerant-to-air heat exchanger, a blower motor to circulate the air, and a capillary or refrigerant metering device. The system reverses from the cooling to heating cycles by means of a reversing valve.

A thermostat signals the unit to operate on the cooling or heating cycle, the controls can be Direct Digital or analog stand alone. When the preset comfort level is achieved, the unit will turn off automatically.

As illustrated in the animated schematic below, two units in operation with Unit “A” in cooling mode while Unit “B” is in heating mode.

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